Refreshing Relief: Lemons and Limes to the Rescue

August 4, 2010 No comments

All summer, we have found relief in this simple summer recipe for lemonade.  Then this weekend, we learned the recipe for an adult version of a summer refresher.

When you have a taste for lemonade, you don’t want to pick or buy lemons, squeeze them each time for fresh lemon juice and then make lemonade.  It will probably just remain wishful thinking if you have to go to all that bother.  Well, here is the key . . .

Toast Margarita or Lemonade

Margarita Toast

When the trees were filled with lemons a few months ago, we squeezed all the lemons (we filled an entire wagon) with a very handy lemon squeezer (picture below) and froze 1 cup quantities in small baggies.

Lemon Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer

Then we started making one pitcher of lemonade one after another using this simple recipe:

1 cup lemon juice (ready to go with a few minutes of thawing)
1 cup sugar dissolved in 1 cup boiling water (this is called simple syrup—the heat allows the sugar to dissolve)

Mix well in large pitcher
Add four cups cold water and ice

Sometimes we have it on the rocks, sometimes we have ½ lemonade and ½ freshly brewed ice tea (called an Arnold Palmer) and sometimes we have half lemonade and ½ Pellegrino (for a lighter lemony sparkling water).

For kids, you can even dip the glass rim in sugar (the kid version of our Margarita salt).

We are hoping those frozen bags of lemon juice last until the next crop comes in!

For an adult refresher (thanks to Carin Canale-Theakston):

Simple Margaritas

1 12 oz. container frozen limeade
Fill the limeade container as follows:
1 container water
1 container tequila
1 12 oz. bottle Corona beer

Mix all together in a large pitcher.  Serve in Margarita glasses filled with ice (with or without salted rims).

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