Avoid a bad egg (omelette)!

October 3, 2010 1 comment

Yesterday morning in Park City, I made omelettes for breakfast. Gloria asked me to share my secrets for making a perfect omelette.

1. Don’t add milk or water. Keep it pure -eggs with salt and pepper, cooked in butter with your favorite fillings.
2. Sauté all your ingredients before adding them to your omelette: onions, peppers, mushrooms, ham, sausage, spinach, your choice.
3. Ensure that your omelette is fully cooked. Using a heat resistant spatula, lift the edges of the omelette during cooking and let the uncooked egg run underneath. When the omelette is almost set, flip it over using a wide spatula. A little jump as you flip will help with this process.

Using a six inch non-stick skillet, heat the pan and add one tablespoon butter. Beat 3 eggs in a bowl and add salt and pepper.
Pour into skillet and follow tips above. After you flip the omelette, add a slice of your favorite cheese (we used Havarti) and your cooked veggies, ham or sausage.
Flip half of omelette over filling.
Cook for additional minute or so to allow cheese to melt and slide onto plate.

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  1. Eric says:

    I always laugh when my mom “hops” as she flips the omelette. But, you can’t argue with results and her omelettes always come out way better than mine. Maybe the secret is in the hop!

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