Cook the Part: Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

October 15, 2010 Comments Off on Cook the Part: Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

Last night we tested the latest chapter of Cook the Part.  Ten professional women demonstrated that cooking is not a lost art.  We made cheese and Sausage/veal ravioli with two sauces, pesto and marinara fresca.  The main course was accompanied by Green Beans with Bread Crumbs and Parsley.

The evening started with an Antipasti platter of Italian cheeses and meats, along with Gorgonzola bread and Focaccia with dipping oil, followed by a Caesar salad prepared by the teams.  The recipe for the pasta dough appears in this earlier post.

Pasta Women

Ten Women Revive the Art of Pasta Making

Pasta group cooking

Pasta group cooking

These recipes and how to host a Cook the Part event will be covered in great detail in the upcoming book.  Cook the Part events are great for teambuilding!


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  1. Nicole DeBerg says:

    What a feast!! Delicious food!!! The ravioli was amazing and the lemon gelato was a great finish!!! Sorry about messing up the first batch of dough!! Thanks for having me. It was great fun!!!

  2. Deborah Jondall says:

    If you’re looking for a way to bring people together from different parts of your life, this is it! A group that started off as strangers ended the evening like old friends. What brought us together? It was the joy of cooking, the thrill of learning something new and the wonderful payoff — eating the fruits of your labor. For those of you out there who may be intimidated by the thought of making homemade pasta, fear not. It’s really quite easy and when you’re able to share the experience with fun people — it’s great fun. The menu Karin created for us was sumptuous. The experience of cooking in a group, meeting new people and breaking bread together was great fun. I heartily recommend everyone with a kitchen large enough to accommodate a group to take some of Karin’s ideas, make them your own and watch what happens. Thank to Karin for a great evening of new connections and great food. Oh, and this would be a great team building exercise as well.

    • cookthepart says:

      Thank you for your comments, Deborah. It was fun cooking with you. The pasta chapter is really coming along “with a little help from my friends”.