An Experiment with Biscuits

October 21, 2010 2 comments
Biscuits with lard

Biscuits with good ol' lard

While visiting our friend, Rosalie, in Cleveland this week, we decided to make the homemade biscuits on the cover of the Jan 2008 Gourmet Magazine. Rosalie had been saving the magazine to try these beautiful biscuits that were made with lard, rather than the lesser evil counterparts. Looking for a really authentic flaky biscuit outcome, we embarked on the project with great anticipation. The other ingredients were standard fare – flour, baking powder, salt and buttermilk. To our great disappointment, while the biscuits were edible or even “good”, they were not the outstanding interpretation of biscuits that we were anticipating. Our advice is to stick with the vegetable shortening alternative and reduce the guilt factor when you are making your biscuits!

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  1. Kristina E. says:

    Do you have a good standard biscuit recipe you could share with us?

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