A Busy Weekend of Cooking: Starting with a Lesson in Chiles En Nogada

November 7, 2010 Comments Off on A Busy Weekend of Cooking: Starting with a Lesson in Chiles En Nogada

The independence day celebration in Mexico is actually on September 15, so we were a bit late this year, but on Friday, my friend, Barbara Zaugg, gave us a complete lesson on making the traditional celebratory dish: Chiles En Nogada.  With three of us working together, we spent over 6 hours to make the main course.  This was especially noteworthy, because the walnuts were purchased in Mexico, already cleaned of all shell and the fine skin – a process that would have added another 4 hours to the preparations.  Find the recipe for Chiles en Nogada.

Below is a photo journal of the cooking process and the pure enjoyment of the dish and the evening.  Thank you, Barbara, for the lesson and the lovely evening.


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  1. azmina madsen says:

    I have to say that it was one very nice evening. I was very impressed with the walnut sauce….. the whole dish with the pork and the fruit and nuts – it came together very well. I also very much enjoyed the avacado and cilantro soup – frankly, I felt most lucky to be there because this is such an unusual dish and I learned something about the colors of the Mexican flag displayed in the final stages of the presented dish!

    Thank you and Karin, your website is really a helpful tool – well done! Barb and Martha and Karin, great chefs!

  2. Martha Demski says:

    The flavors of this dish were fantastic! The presentation on the plate truly repesented the colors of the Mexican Flag in a very elegant manner. The evening was great fun and the afternoon spent cooking together was a welcome way to end a hectic week! Thank you Barbara for hosting us and introducing me to this wonderful dish and all the tips for putting it together. It really was a wonderful afternoon and evening.

  3. Maria Eastham says:

    The food looks fabulous!

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