4 Amigos Cook the Part in Cabo: Ginger and Jack Graham share their experience

January 23, 2011 1 comment

Good Friends Cook Together In Cabo

The Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner in Cook the Part includes simple foods made with fresh ingredients.  Team cooking works especially well when you are vacationing with friends.  Ginger and Jack share their experience and how they improvised when ingredients were not readily available:

We’re in Cabo with long time friends Steve and Gail.
We decided to try the Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner.
Of course, going shopping in Mexico with no Spanish-speakers and a poorly stocked kitchen made for fun.
We didn’t have Gary’s Rub.  So we made up some spices.
We didn’t have bricks.  So we just cooked bone-in chicken on the grill.
We didn’t have canned cannelloni’s so we bought white beans and soaked them for hours then cooked them for hours!
We couldn’t find rosemary.
We haven’t made the chocolate cakes yet…have the ingredients, more or less, and plan to cook tonight.
Ginger’s Overall Experience:
Cook The Part gave us a great roadmap to follow.  Despite the lack of
specific ingredients– our location fit the style of the meal, we had
pictures and directions to guide us and we each played a role in a great
meal.  Cooking together is such a fun way to engage with friends; we
started early and it lasted late into the evening.  Thanks, Karin

Tuscan White Beans

Chicken Under a Brick, Tuscan White Beans and Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Zucchini

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  1. Pachecopatty says:

    Hi Karin, thanks for visiting my blog:-)
    Great to read about and see Jack and Ginger here, looks like fun and that a delicious meal was enjoyed by all!