Need a Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day? Cook a Special Meal at Home!

February 14, 2011 3 comments

When everyone else is dining out might be the best time to cook at home.  Cooking for, or with, your Valentine is a great way to enjoy the evening.  My favorite “special” dinner always has some connection to lobster or other seafood.  So we now have a tradition for Valentine’s Day.  Gary prepares the lobster and I add the accents.  This Valentine’s Day shows a Baja Twist to our dinner, with a side of Mexican rice, black beans and guacamole.  It’s just as good the traditional way with a salad, a baked potato and corn on the cob.  Did you know that most seafood stores will actually steam your lobster for you at no additional cost?  Then all you have to do is brush the lobster halves with butter or olive oil and grill until they are heated through.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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3 Responses to “Need a Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day? Cook a Special Meal at Home!”

  1. Anita says:

    Great pictures!!!! Makes me wish I had a store locally that I could get lobster but this year 50 miles is the closest. I know for a fact that the Guacamole is DELICIOUS! I can taste it from here in Lower Alabama! So can Maria! I think I will just go for Local fried shrimp.

  2. Lise Zondler says:

    How wonderful! I agree that Valentines Day is a wonderful night to stay in and enjoy a special evening without the crowds and not to mention one of the best wine lists around. Our Valentines dinner was chile rellenos with tomato jalapeno sauce, frijoles refritos, mexican rice and corn tortillas… all homemade from scratch and full of love. We finished with my mother’s traditional oatmeal shortbread heart cookies!

    • cookthepart says:

      Any chance you could share the recipe for the chile rellenos? Sounds wonderful. Would also love to see the recipe for the oatmeal shortbread heart cookies!

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