A Game Changer: Potato Dominoes

February 18, 2011 2 comments

Potato Dominoes from Seven Fires, Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallmann

Such a simple concept:  Thinly sliced potatoes, a few tablespoons of clarified butter and some kosher salt sprinkled over the top.  Not an original idea from our kitchen, but one we will repeat many times for company and family dinners.  Simply cut off the ends and sides of a few large, scrubbed baking potatoes, forming a rectangular brick.  Slice the “brick” into quarter-inch slices.  I did this using a mandolin to make the slices even.  Gather up the slices and put them back into a brick and then tilt them in the pan like dominoes. Lay the reserved ends of the potatoes around your dominoes as they too are delicious.  Drizzle a few tablespoons of clarified butter over the potatoes and sprinkle with kosher salt.  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 40-50 minutes.

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2 Responses to “A Game Changer: Potato Dominoes”

  1. Rhonda Rhyne says:

    These potatoes are absolute game changers: delicious, simple to prepare, and a work of art! Karin, Gary, and Cook the Part are simply the BEST!

  2. Martha Demski says:

    I made these last night as a quick addition to a flank steak barbeque with friends. They were great! So simple, yet so unique in their presentation. Thanks again Karin for another wonderful recipe idea.