Bee Happy: Discover Honeycomb

September 12, 2012 1 comment


This is a common site at breakfast buffets in Germany, but not so common in the U.S. Honeycomb is offered at breakfast in it’s pure, original form, in a large frame so that the hexagonal marvel can be appreciated. There are many ways to enjoy this geometric delicacy: break off a piece and enjoy it with your cheeses and dark crusty breads; if you are a cereal lover, add a piece of honeycomb to your muesli; another great way to enjoy it is with yogurt, especially the firmer variety, along with some hazelnuts sprinkled over the top. Honeycomb is not easy to find in our U.S. grocery stores, but I have recently discovered jars of honey with a piece of honeycomb intact at Sprouts markets. I also found a website that offers squares of honeycomb at Adding a piece of honeycomb to your cheese platters transforms your appetizer into stunning delight. Honeycomb comes straight from the hive and has all the health benefits attributed to honey and pollen in addition to being delicious and beautiful.


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  1. I love honeycomb! We sometimes find it from the beekeepers and honey sellers at the Farmers Market.Thanks for posting this and the link.