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Cook the Part is much more than a collection of recipes; it’s a complete entertaining guide.  This book turns cooking into an experience where the culinary destination is not nearly as important as the journey.  Cook the Part provides detailed hosting plans that divide an entire gourmet menu into “scripted parts,” allowing groups of 6-12 participants to enjoy the cooking process together.  Everyone cooks their part, contributing to multiple courses, while learning from each other and enjoying the interaction with other guests. Gourmet menus are easy to prepare with this guide. Menus vary in difficulty and are based on themes from around the world.

IPPY Award

IPPY Award


The introductory chapters explain in detail how to host a Cook the Part dinner party, including tips on organization, preparation, ingredients, invitations, timing, guest attire, and décor.  The host starts by selecting one of the 8 themed menus provided in Cook the Part.  Each of the themed menus includes a Master Plan and a Team Plan for each of four teams.  When guests arrive, the host assigns each to one of four cooking teams and gives them a Team Plan and the applicable recipes.

Best Books Award Finalist

Best Books Award Finalist


Cook the Part dinners are so memorable because guests participate in creating a wonderful culinary experience and then dine together, enjoying the end result of their work in the kitchen.  It transforms a typical dinner party into an interactive, social activity.  The detailed recipes will help less experienced cooks who are typically intimidated by the idea of hosting a dinner party.  Guests leave empowered with new recipes and cooking techniques to show off at home.  The experience is fun, interactive and delicious.

Your kitchen, your friends, your memories!

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Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner

Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner*

Chapter 1 – Tuscan Farmhouse Dinner

Tonight you and your guests will create a Tuscan farmhouse experience. Imagine the golden sun setting on rolling hills of grape vines and olive trees, ready for harvest. In the Tuscan spirit, this menu includes simple foods made with fresh, traditional ingredients.

Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening

Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening*

Chapter 2 – Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening

This menu evokes thoughts of a brisk autumn breeze off the chilly gray Northwestern Pacific seas. And surprisingly, the meal comes together easily, especially with everyone helping out.

Comfort Food

Comfort Food*

Chapter 3 – Comfort Food

Comfort foods are simple classics that provide emotional satisfaction. They have a timeless quality that draws us back to them every few years, so they never really go out of style.

A Taste of Baja

A Taste of Baja*

Chapter 4 – A Taste of Baja

The bold, beach-style flavors of the Baja Peninsula will have your guests thinking sun, surf and sandals. Set the mood with Margaritas in colorful glasses or with Mexican beer.

Dinner in Athens

Dinner in Athens*

Chapter 5 – Dinner in Athens

This menu transports you and your guests to the sun-kissed land of Greece for the evening. The warm Mediterranean climate produces the best olive and lemon trees, and this authentic menu capitalizes on them.

Spanish Wine Dinner

Spanish Wine Dinner*

Chapter 6 – Spanish Wine Dinner

This menu captures the Spaniards’ love of food and the diversity of their ingredients, such as olives, figs, Manchego cheese, fresh vegetables and seafood.

Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces*

Chapter 7 – Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

This cooking event captures the spirit of the Italian kitchen as your guests fall in love with the traditional art of hand-making pasta. You and your guests will make the dough from scratch the way the Italian grandmothers have done it for centuries.

Authentic Tastes of Indonesia

Authentic Tastes of Indonesia*

Chapter 8 – Authentic Tastes of Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is as diverse as the 6,000 inhabited islands that constitute this Southeast Asian country.  This menu showcases the warm, pungent flavors of coriander, turmeric, cumin and ginger in several authentic dishes.

*Illustrations by Traci O’Very Covey