Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces

Handmade Pasta with Homemade Sauces*

This cooking event captures the spirit of the Italian kitchen as your guests fall in love with the traditional art of hand-making pasta. You and your guests will make the dough from scratch the way the Italian grandmothers have done it for centuries. Then you will roll the dough into thin sheets with a pasta machine. Using a ravioli mold, you will make two types of ravioli: savory three-cheese and spicy Italian sausage and veal. This is a fun, but messy, experience so be sure your guests wear their aprons! Remember that fresh pasta only requires three minutes of cooking to reach the perfect al dente consistency. Serve the ravioli with a robust Marinara Fresca sauce and fragrant Basil Pesto. Start the night off with freshly baked focaccia, an antipasto platter, and Gorgonzola bread—a perfect sweet-and-savory combination of Gorgonzola, pear slices and walnuts. Everyone can enjoy the appetizers while making the pasta. A good Italian Chianti pairs well with the appetizers and with the pasta course. The meal will be topped off with a light homemade lemon gelato garnished with berries, to which you can add a biscotti or sugar cookie. Your guests will want to repeat this experience at home with their families!

Gorgonzola Bread
Antipasto Platter
Focaccia with Dipping Oil

Caesar Salad with Roasted Garlic Anchovy Dressing

Italian Sausage and Veal Ravioli Three-Cheese Ravioli
Marinara Fresca
Basil Pesto
Green Beans with Basil

Lemon Gelato with Berries
Biscotti or Sugar Cookie (optional)

*Illustrations by Traci O’Very Covey