Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening

Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening

Pacific Northwest Seafood Evening*

This menu evokes thoughts of a brisk autumn breeze off the chilly gray Northwestern Pacific seas. And surprisingly, the meal comes together easily, especially with everyone helping out. Your guests will want to take the easy maple-ginger salmon recipe home with them to make again in their own kitchens. The fresh salmon entree is glazed with a sweet-heat mixture of maple syrup, fresh ginger, garlic, chipotle powder and red pepper flakes. It is accompanied by garlic-sauteed asparagus and buttery mashed sweet potatoes, a nice spin on a comfort food classic. A simple green salad gets a boost in flavor and texture from cherries, walnuts and feta. Whether you choose to use plums or apples for the streusel cake, it will be a sure hit with its crisp, crumbly topping and tart, tender fruit filling. The honey cornbread mini muffins will be baked just before guests arrive. Your guests will love catching the aroma of freshly baked cornbread as they walk through the door. A second appetizer, Crab and Red Bell Pepper Crostini, showcases the Pacific Northwest’s delicious crab. These will give the guests something to enjoy with their beverage before they “Cook the Part!”

Honey Cornbread Mini Muffins
Crab and Red Bell Pepper Crostini

Green Salad with Dried Cherries, Walnuts and Feta Cheese

Broiled Maple Ginger Salmon
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Asparagus

Plum or Apple Streusel Cake

*Illustrations by Traci O’Very Covey