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Construct Lunch: Deconstructed Niçoise Salad

Monday, February 18th, 2013 No comments
Deconstructed Nicoise Salad

Deconstructed Nicoise Salad

Planning a party can be daunting. We are always looking for fresh ideas, but the workload must be reasonable. Today, my daughter-in-law, Maria, and I hosted a baby shower for my niece, Leigh. The challenge was a fresh idea for a luncheon for 25. Having attended several baby showers over the past year, we experienced many nice events, but we wanted to do something a bit different. At a recent book club gathering, my friend Lynn Muto served a “deconstructed Niçoise” and I loved the term, so I decided to do a luncheon version of her idea.

The menu included poached salmon, prepared in a small amount of water, shallots, lemons, parsley and dry sherry. The salmon was perfect when poached approximately 8 minutes. We served the salmon with capers and sliced Kalamata olives, surrounded by dill and lemon wedges. With the salmon, we served traditional tri-colored fingerling potatoes, which I roasted with a bit of olive oil and kosher salt for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. The potatoes were cooled to room temperature, but not chilled. Green beans, an important component in any Niçoise, were steamed for approximately 7 minutes to keep them crisp, but not raw. A cherry tomato and Kalamata olive medley in a balsamic vinaigrette and truffled deviled eggs completed the line-up. For the deviled eggs, just add a teaspoon or two of truffle oil to your standard deviled egg recipe.

Two toppings were provided with the salad: a yogurt and chopped dill topping and our champagne vinaigrette, the most popular of the two. The centerpiece of the luncheon table was homemade lemon scones, coming from my new cookbook, Baked: New Frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis (Author), Renato Poliafito (Author), Tina Rupp (Photographer).
A purchased cake and lattés were offered as a break from opening the many beautiful baby gifts.


Tomatoes (3) – the final word on tomatoes

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 No comments
Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

Many of us love the standard Caprese recipe, which I make as follows:

5 large vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced 1/3 inch thick
2 pounds fresh mozzarella, sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 bunch fresh basil (about 20 to 30 leaves)
Extra virgin olive oil  and balsamic vinegar for drizzling
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Slice the tomatoes and place on a large platter or individual plates. top with the sliced mozzarella and then top with the basil.  Drizzle with the olive oil and balsamic and season with salt and pepper.

This will serve 8.

To turn this upside down, try using arugula instead of basil.  Top arugula with the tomato and the cheese and, for my San Diego friends, use a flavored olive oil and vinegar from Baker and Olive, a delightful new store on the southeast corner of Encinitas Blvd. and El Camina Real. won’t have any trouble using up those tomatoes now!


Tomatoes Harvest Part II: Pizza Marguerite

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 4 comments

I promised more recipes for your tomato harvest.  This one is so simple and yet so delicious.  Make a batch of pizza dough in your bread machine described here.  I use 1/2 of the batch for a thin crust.  Roll out to fit a large pizza pan.  Sprinkle 1 1/2 cups of grated Asiago cheese over the crust and top with thinly sliced tomatoes fresh from your garden.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.  Bake at 450 degrees for 12 minutes.  Remove from oven and top with two tablespoons of chopped basil.  That’s it!

Pizza Marguerite

Pizza Marguerite

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