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Eat Your Peas! Never a Problem with Fabulous Split Pea Soup!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 1 comment
Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

Did you know that you can go to a honey-baked ham store and just buy a ham bone?  You will find that they have plenty of meat on the bone to carve off enough for a sandwich or two and still have plenty of meat to make a tasty, hearty soup.  For our last ski trip of the season, we were all craving this family favorites, so Gary drove in to Salt Lake City for the required ham bone. The recipe is easy and this soup can be on the stove simmering in just 20 minutes or so. You also need a bit of time to make the homemade croutons, which are key to getting raves from the diners.  This recipe delivers a one-dish meal that is hearty, healthy and delicious!

Homemade Croutons

1/2 loaf Italian bread or French bread (at least one day old), cut into slices and then into cubes
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tablespoons butter

In a large skillet, heat 3 tablespoons of the olive oil and a tablespoon of butter. Add the croutons and brown, stirring constantly, adding more butter and oil as required. Remove browned croutons to a plate and reserve. Can be made up to one day in advance.

Split Pea Soup

1 ham bone, preferably with enough meat to make 1-1/2 cups ham
1 16 oz pkg. Split peas
4 carrots, sliced and halved or quartered if large
1 large onion, chopped
7 cups water
¼ t. whole allspice
¼ t. peppercorns
1 bay leaf

Remove excess fat from meat on ham bone.
Prepare split peas according to directions on package.

In 5-quart stock pot, over medium heat, heat bone, split peas, carrots, onion and water to boiling.
Tie allspice, peppercorns and bay leaf in piece of cheesecloth. Add to soup mixture.
Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer 1 hour. Discard spice bag; add salt if necessary.

Remove bone to cutting board. Cut off meat and discard bone.
Cut meat into bite-size chunks and return to soup for serving.
Serve with croutons.


Souped Up for Snow: Spring Vegetable Soup

Sunday, March 11th, 2012 Comments Off on Souped Up for Snow: Spring Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Although we are enjoying the sun and warmth of San Diego this week, last week we were enjoying the snow in Park City.  It seems that no matter where we are or what the weather may be, I can always enjoy soup.   But on a cold, snowy day last week, Gary prepared this fabulous vegetable soup filled with fresh spring vegetables.  Use whatever is available and fill the gap with a canned alternative if fresh produce is still limited in your part of the country.  You can even substitute pinto beans for the fava beans if you can’t find them.


Snowshoeing Brings Out the Craving for a Bowl of Soup

Spring Vegetable Soup for Any Weather
1/4 cup olive oil
2 sweet onions, chopped
6 carrots, scraped, trimmed and chopped
6 ribs celery, chopped
6 cloves garlic, slices
1/3 lb. green beans, cut into 1″ pieces
4 to 5 leaves chard, coarsely chopped
2 cups English peas (they had great ones at Costco last week)
1 cup fresh fava beans, shelled (use canned if fresh are not available)
8 spears asparagus, cut into 1″ pieces
1 15-oz. can diced tomatoes
2 quarts organic chicken broth or vegetable broth
2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon Sriracha
1 teaspoon Gary’s Rub (recipe in Cook the Part Book) or your favorite spice rub
1/2 lb. bow tie pasta, cooked and drained
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat the olive oil in a large stock pot. Add the onion, carrots and celery and cook until vegetables are tender.
Add remaining vegetables, salt and pepper. Bring to boil and reduce heat. Simmer for 2 hours. Add cooked pasta.
Serve with croutons or crostini. Can offer shaved Parmesan cheese if desired.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup


Creamy Without Cream: Potato Leek Soup

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 1 comment
Potato Leek Soup:  Creamy without Cream

Potato Leek Soup: Creamy without Cream

There is absolutely no reason to use a potato leek soup recipe with heavy cream or buttermilk.  You can have a delicious soup experience when using only the vegetables to create this creamy soup.

Potato Leek Soup (Vegetarian or Not)

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped (1 cup)
6 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
2 large leeks, white part only, washed and chopped
5 cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
32 oz. organic chicken broth or vegetable broth
3 teaspoons salt

Heat olive oil, sauté onions and celery for a few minutes, add potatoes and sauté a few minutes more. Add leeks and continue cooking, stirring frequently. Add garlic and cook for one minute.
Add 2 cups water and 32 oz. box of chicken or vegetable broth. Add caraway seeds. Bring to boil and simmer for 45 minutes.
Using food processor, process soup a few cups at a time and return to pot. Simmer for additional 10 minutes and serve with homemade croutons or slices of grilled kielbasa, sliced. Next time I may add cauliflower to see how that addition affects my love for this soup.

Serves 6 – 8.



Getting Back to Our Roots

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 1 comment
Root Vegetables

Root Vegetables

Root Vegetable Recipes

Most of our favorite summer vegetables are now out of season. We miss them, especially my favorite – the tomato. But we must think “winter” now and that means root vegetables…potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, parsnips, fennel, leeks.

These vegetables can be combined to make a wonderful winter soup, either vegetarian, using vegetable broth, or a heartier version with chicken stock and the later addition of sliced kielbasa. Make it your way and serve with a crusty baguette or a multi-grain bread.

Root Vegetable Soup

If you are missing some of these vegetables, just substitute with more of the others. This is not a recipe that requires precision. As Gary always says, “recipes are mere suggestions”. Enjoy!

All root vegetables should be diced into 1/2 inch cubes.

5 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 medium, yellow onions, peeled
3 small Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled
3 carrots, scraped and trimmed
1 turnip, trimmed
2 parsnips, trimmed
1 fennel bulb, trimmed
2 leeks, trimmed, white part only
3 teaspoons salt
1 32 ounce box organic chicken broth or vegetable broth
5 garlic cloves, skins removed, crushed

1 pound smoked sausage or kielbasa, sliced (optional)

After all root vegetables are diced, heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in large stock pot on medium heat.
Sauté onion in oil until softened for a few minutes.
Add potatoes and continue cooking for 3 minutes.
Add remaining olive oil.
Add remaining vegetables except garlic and sauté for a few minutes until all are softened and coated with oil.
Add crushed garlic and cook for 1 minute.
Add salt and broth.
Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes, until favors are blended and vegetables are tender.
Add sliced kielbasa if desired.

Serve with crusty bread.