What is Cook the Part?

September 30, 2010 1 comment
CTP Book Cover

CTP Book Cover

What is Cook the Part?  COMING SOON!

Cook the Part is a revolutionary cookbook and entertaining guide that is in development.  Seven themed menus are completed and I have three more to go.  With Cook the Part, the culinary destination is not nearly as important as the journey.  Cook the Part provides detailed hosting plans that divide an entire gourmet menu into “scripted parts,” allowing groups of 6-12 participants to enjoy the cooking process together.  Everyone cooks their part, contributing to multiple courses, while learning from each other and enjoying the interaction with other guests.

Each of the themed menus contains recipes that are broken down into simple steps with detailed illustrative photographs.  Guests will increase their confidence and knowledge of the kitchen in a fun, relaxed environment.

The host starts by selecting one of the themed menus from Cook the Part.  Menus vary in difficulty and are based on themes from around the world.  The preparation for the event involves creating the required workstations, outlined in each Master Plan, and creating the ambiance for the event.  Additional host tasks vary between menus, but are individually and clearly outlined.  When guests arrive, the host assigns each to a cooking team and gives them a Team Plan.  Guests then read about their assigned tasks and delve into the world of team cooking.  Cook the Part dinners are so memorable because guests not only participate in creating a wonderful culinary experience, but they also dine together, enjoying the end result of their work in the kitchen. The experience is fun, interactive and delicious.


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  1. Cook the Part is HERE! Karin and all her teams have done such an amazing job of creating a unique cookbook! I was privileged to see and read a rough draft last January but the finished product goes beyond my imagination. My husband and I both love the illustrations especially the cover….the center figure reminds us of Karin. I hope the sells continue to be above expectations.
    I want to add, the dedication to Oma was wonderful. It brings back many memories of the years I spent in her company and her beloved kitchen, she is a master cook.

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